When I design and string a LoveBeads necklace, I touch each and every one of the 108 beads. I create a little altar around your neck to remind you of your inner beauty. —Patty Rollins



Patty Rollins started Bliss108 Jewelry Design after a trip to Thailand where she was given Buddhist prayer beads, or mala, from a monk who blessed them for her. The mala has 108 beads. 

Her LoveBeads collection started in 2005 after Patty left a yoga class with a vision to design a necklace with 108 beads containing all seven colors representing our energy chakras—Bliss, Intuition, Communication, Love, Inner Strength, Creativity, and Earthly Connection. 

LoveBeads were created and designed for women to wear as a reminder that they are love. The sterling silver tag, worn in the front, is called the guru bead or touchstone. 

Over the years, Patty’s passion for creating beaded jewelry has developed from craft to true art, connecting people and spreading the message of self love one bead at a time. 


When I wear my Lovebeads, I feel like my soul is cared for. 



I put my LoveBeads on when I need a boost of self confidence. 



Every time I wear my LoveBeads necklace, strangers stop me and ask where I got it.